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Old Connections don't auto delete? Despite quitting scouting, still showing connected?

So, I’m noticing that old connections never go away. We’ve got a couple parents that quit being leaders 3 years ago and they are still showing as being connected to a scout. I have a scout that quit 2 years ago and they are still connected to me. There’s no automatic disconnection for people that quit scouting? This seems like a hazard as they could still be accessing the system maybe and reaching out to the scout or parents?

The system enforces 2 deep communication, so it will not allow 1:1 communication. It could be irritating, but not a “hazard”.

@HeatherReeder - you can remove the connections as well as end the scout membership. Additionally you can also see when they last logged in via the roster via the gear if they are still listed as leaders.

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