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  1. Email address mismatch
  2. Who sees the email address in Forums profile?

More on email address mismatch:

My email address in a Scouting Forums profile summary is old and does not match email in my.Scouting tools user profile. (The old email address domain is no longer in use by the company that was providing the email service.) I assume both BSA services have the same BSA member ID. How to fix?

(My birthdate day of month has also been corrected in the BSA membership database. That might be a factor in updating various user databases.)

@Bill_W I have updated your e-mail for the forums.

Thank you.
Now that leaves how much of the user profile is displayed?

I am not sure. I cannot see your e-mail here in the forums, but I can see it in the BSA’s support tools.

Thank you for looking.
That suggests the expanded forum user profile is only available to the user.

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