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Old Red Epaulets and Certificates ~

Good morning all,

It is a custom for those scouts who serve summer camp staff to wear the old red epaulets while staffing. I cannot find the original discontinued red epaulets anywhere. Does anyone know of a location?

Also, it seems as though the downloadable Cyber Chip Award certificate has been taken off of the internet. Does anyone happen to have a link to a version?

Lastly, I underwent and completed NYLT in 2018 without getting an official certificate. I have been trying to find a 2018 Printing of the NYLT certificate but cannot seem to find one. Where are some good places? eBay does not seem to have it.

As always, thank you for your time and help in these endeavors.

  • Jordan “Orca”

A given summer camp may have such a custom but there is no national policy. The red shoulder lopps are suppoaed to be worn with the red troop numbers.

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It harkens to a misguided policy that all former uniforms shallowing remain valid. While I agree with a VERY long phase out, those should be gone (in my not so humble opinion).

It blows me away that the red is still fine, but some people are hung up on socks as part of the uniform.

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I am proud to say i have not nor never will own or wear bsa socks

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Our camp staff wears the silver loops as they are Council employees.


Bryan on Scouting: What do the different colors of Scouting shoulder loops mean?

Not sure which Cyber Chip certificate you are referring to (the Cyber Chip pocket certificate is acceptable), but here are links to downloadable versions:

Printable Cyber Chip Certificates

I decided not to use these certificates, because they are not gender neutral, and I could not break through the security to modify the text to read “S/he” instead of “He.”

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Go to a fabric store, buy the red ribbon that’s the proper width. Make as many as you want. That’s what we do…costs very little.

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Yep. You could even go the extra mile and have something embroidered on them, to make them unique to the camp. Our OA Lodge did custom Lodge tabs a couple of years ago, and they seemed to be a pretty popular fundraiser.

If you search for “custom design boy scout shoulder loops” on eBay you can find some good examples, including red loops with “Staff” on them…

Uniform Police will not like the embroidered image. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info! It is such a custom that goes against the uniform policy.

This is very interesting. I never thought of working on staff as an employee, as I have always enjoyed it. I will pass this on and see what the directors think. Thanks!

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