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Old Super Achiever Award

My 2nd son Alex is getting ready to crossover to a Troop and I needed an activity or two to keep him busy until he does. So I went searching for awards for him to earn, then I realized that looking at Scoutbook I thought, “Why is it soooo out of date in the awards department.”

So after some searching I have found My son’s 2014 WEBELOS book. I know the Super Achiever Award is a temporary patch and is used by Packs as wanted and is no longer an official award however, if you and your pack does wish to use it Scout Trail dot com has the patch to order.

Here is a simple list of close equivalents.

Aquanaut = Aquanaut
Artist = Art Explosion
Athlete = Sportsman
Citizen = Build a Better Tomorrow
Communicator = Aware and Care
Craftsman = Build it
Engineer = Engineer
Family Member = Project Family
Fitness = Stronger, Faster, Higher
Forester = Into the Woods
Geology = Geology Rocks
Handyman = Fix It
Naturalist = Into the Wild
Outdoorsman = Camper
Readyman = First Responder
Scholar = No Equivalent
Scientist = Adventures in Science
Showman = Maestro
Sports = Sportsman
Traveler = No Equivalent

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Although it is not an official BSA award, you can still purchase the Webelos Super Achiever certificate from the Scout shop. The only requirement is to earn all Webelos adventure pins (required and elective). Currently, there are 27 adventure pins for Webelos and AOL ranks.

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If the preview adventures are counted, Webelos can currently earn 29 adventures.

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31… if you consider the Web and AOL versions different since they have different requirements.

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@jacobfetzer, yes, that’s right. A Scout finishing both ranks this program year can complete 31 adventures. We’ll see what they announce about these preview adventures in May.

Right. Since it’s not an official award, you can do whatever you want with it. I give a certificate for earning all the adventures at a lower level, but I’ve never had anyone earn it at the Web level. My thought is not to require the preview adventures for it since they, in theory, could come and at any time mid-program year.

@jacobfetzer, I’ve only been Cubmaster about a year, and I haven’t had anyone earn all the adventures yet. No one knows there’s any such concept as Super Achiever, so I’m not sure what I’ll do, if someone does it. I don’t think I want Scouts working frantically on adventures in May that really don’t interest them just to get recognized as a Super Achiever.

@PeterHopkins I don’t really see any harm in encouraging scouts to try something they might not have anyway. At the younger levels, it’s generally not a huge time commitment. Webelos can be a little more for some adventures, though. They may find a new interest out of it.

The good thing about your situation is no one had any expectations. So, you can do what you think is right.

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@jacobfetzer, I should have given a bit more detail. Yes, I want to encourage them. But I want them to pursue their interests. If it’s May and a Scout is working on Marble Madness when s/he’d rather work on a Nova award, I would regret encouraging the Super Achiever.

If a Scout wants to complete all the adventures for the sense of accomplishment, I prefer that to doing so for the sake of a patch or certificate.

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As a Tiger Cub, my son was 1 elective away from earning them all (just because he was curious and active- not because he tried to do it)
As a Bear, he found the webelos super achiever patch in the scout store and set his goal!
I’m proud of him for that; taking initiative, talking to his den leader about it, setting a goal. It’s about the journey.


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