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Older Life Scout with disability (must not be 40 by age of completion error)

We have an amazing Scout that will be 62 this year. He is full of Scout Spirit! Using Scoutbook we are unable to enter completes for his current open MBs. When entering a complete we get an error that says the Scout cannot be past the age of 40 at the date of completion. How do we remedy this issue?

Never seen that error - I will send you a direct message to get more data @DarrinHill

@DarrinHill watch the top right avatar for the Direct Message

@DarrinHill is this new behavior?

It might be, it seems I was able to start badges for him, but not anymore

get me the info in the Direct Message or we can setup a screenshare

This seems to be new - it has been reported - we do not know when this will be fixed

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@DarrinHill this should be fixed now - can you please check for me?