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One Scout not synced with council

I have one Sea Scout on my roster that i cannot approve through scout book it says

> Scoutname has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.

I called council, they sent me to national, national sent me to advancement 2.0 and I was able to add her advancement. BUT all of the other scouts I can add the advancement through scoutbook. Does anyone know what is going on?




Go to the Scout’s profile in Scoutbook. Does the Member ID (BSA#), first and last names match what is on your roster in


When I updated through internet advancement was updated in scoutbook

Internet Advancement and Scoutbook use the same database so anything you see in one, you will see in the other.

Good to know.

When I look at the rest of my roster, there is a sync Icon. This does not exist next to my problem scouts name.


I suggest sending an e-mail to with name, BSA#, council and unit. Since the Scout is on your roster in, sync should be enabled.

Go into the Scout’s membership. Click on the current membership. Uncheck the position approved box. Click update. Go back into the current membership. Recheck position approved. Click update. That can reset things.

also make sure any leadership positions are approved

@KennethReichner if you still have issues I can set up a screenshare to see what can be figured out

Walked away for a couple of hours now everything is working just fine. Thanks for all of your help