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One Scoutbook account with mutli membership

Can one scoutbook account link with multi membership?
The reason i am asking, i want to transfer one of membership created by my wife, and move into my account.

Also i can’t see my little son’s lion Den’s events i guess because of my account doesn’t has his membership id.

You can try merging them in the my.scouting transfer/combine membership tool though it usually does not work well for scouts.

If that does not work, you can post both BSA ID members here in the forums and members of SUAC can help you. Alternatively, you can do this in your council office.


What are you trying to do? You can connect to multiple Scouts as a parent in Scoutbook. With more details we can better describe what needs to be done.

Yes, I want to combine two account into one account
Here is membership Id

These IDs belong to different people. They can’t be combined.

Ok, One created by wife, Is there anyway to combine it? I have connected the other one with kid. If can’t, it’s fine. Another strange issue is I can’t see my little one’s Den events in scoutbook, not sure why.

The 2nd number is for your son with initials GX. You are also connected to ZX.

Go to the calendar page in Scoutbook and click the gear icon. Make sure GX’s pack and den are selected.

@WeiweiLang I would recommend that your wife create an account for herself (using her own name and e-mail address) at my.scouting. Things usually work best when each person has their own account.

I can see those events in calendar, but i can’t RSVP it, not sure why.

It is possible that your Scout or you need to be added as invitees to the calendar events in Scoutbook.

@WeiweiLang - if you see the events but there is no RSVP then perhaps they did not toggle that on.

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