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Online Adult Application

Is there a way to submit and pay for adult application online?

I’ve tried going to my.scouting.org/application but nothing happens. I get a “Loading resources, please wait” message, but nothing ever happens.

Scouting.org/onlineregistration has all the details.

Also, keep in mind that not all chartering organizations permit online registration, and may have separate requirements. What’s your role in the unit?

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Not all councils accept online Adult apps either. I know mine turned them off council-wide due to some concerns about the acceptability of the online Background Check waiver. Not sure if that’s been sorted out yet.

But the issue you’re having also sounds like a bug, or rather, I think you are using a link that is no longer valid (assuming it ever was).

The correct link for applying online is unit-specific and can be found through beascout.org, or if you are a Unit Key 3 member, you can also get a shareable link from the “Invitation Manager” as noted in the info link @BenjaminWard shared above.

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