Online applications show the wrong submitted date

I want to report a bug that has nagged us quite a bit this fall with new scouts joining. The online applications list the date an application was started as the “Submitted Date”, instead of the date it was actually submitted. This causes brand new applications to show up in the Application Manager looking like they have been sitting there unprocessed for a long time. For example, this scout, 14505676, just submitted their application this past Sunday, 10/30/2022, but it popped up, brand new, as 30+ days old, because the parent had originally started the application on 9/17/2022, but just now finally came back and completed it. This is very confusing to our unit leaders and our council staff when they see applications in the system that appear to be very old, but are actually brand new.



Please ask your council to open a ticket with BSA IT to get this fixed.