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Online member registration is charging for 2022 now. How does this effect rechartering?

I have had 2 new Cub Scouts register online for our pack through the Be A Scout site this week. They were both charged the prorated rate for the remainder of 2021, but also the full national fee and our council fee for 2022. How does this work with rechartering now as these 2 youths (and probably more coming now that fall sports have ended) seem to be automatically rechartered for next year? Is BSA’s system smart enough to know that they are paid for and good when I put them into the system to recharter the pack?

I also wish we were given a heads up about this as now I have to go back to the parents and get more money from them for our 2022 pack fees.

As Council fees are included - I would talk to your DE to begin with

The system was smart enough when I did it last year. This was in place last year, but I don’t recall it being communicated. Oct/Nov/Dec is prorated plus a year plus $25 for a new Cub or Scout. I have been told that a paper application does not require the prepay.

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We just finished recharter.

The system is not smart enough to handle the extra prorated months crossing calendar years. Hopefully they new system coming is.

As for paperwork, you renew them and they pay nothing, even if the site says they need to. Don’t pay online, pay your council directly. Ours says to only pay by check for this reason. They turned off online sign up for everyone because it was causing problems with payments.