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Online registration - can it be used for cubs crossing over?

Can online application be used for cubs that are crossing over to new troop?

it does not work for transfers yet

However, Member manager can be used by the Cubmaster to create an online transfer application.

Here is the forum post giving more information and a link to PDF How To instructions

Donovan - it is supposed to work for transfers. Both parent or Cub Leader’s (key 3?) are supposed to be able to initiate. I have one daughter as an example below. She isn’t ready yet to transfer, but I will hit the big button on 3/1/21.

You can transfer Cubs to a Scouts BSA unit using My Applications. I did so as a pack Key 3.

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In some cases it has trouble with a $0 transfer - they are still ironing it out - that is why I said it did not work yet.

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