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Online Registration for a CAMPOUT

We would like to create an online registration for an upcoming Campout. Is this possible through BSA?

no - I use Eventbrite for that - as long as you don’t charge it is free - or make the tickets free with the note that they owe X

Have you tried using the RSVP system in conjunction with the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook? Or are you looking for something else?

We use Jotform which collects the RSVP and payment if there is one

Does anyone use Double Knot? We are looking for rsvp and payments

Just use Scoutbook. It’s there.

@NoahBlumofe - double knot is used primarily by council’s although it’s footprint in the market is getting smaller with tentaroo making inroads.

Troopmaster allows for this as part of their product. Along with a number of other features.

@KirkWood - for the benefit of the motoring public does that apply to the desktop and web version? I do not know if you saw the post in the IA forum from a 4.12 version desktop user on the upload file issue.

Not sure about the desktop version. I almost forget that it is still around. My troop started with that when we formed and retain it because it is more complete than Scoutbook.

Here are some things I find better (though some SB limitations may no longer apply).

Emails will go out to all regardless if they have ever logged in or not. (SB at least used to require a person actually log in once before email would be sent.)

They have a (native phone app) that works completely off line.

You can automatically send email to scouts having their parents included in the conversation. Scouts can hit reply and it comes back to you keeping the parent in the loop.

Authorizations are handled by role instead of individual basis.

Easy handling of group credits (but not in the phone app).

Easy handling of dates for swim checks, health forms, and a few other things that don’t come right to mind.

As a note, I don’t mean to bask SB. It beats the old Internet Advancement and provides means for any unit to track advancement without extra fee. It comes to value added features.

@KirkWood - thanks for that info. The market for unit management software has compressed a bit and our pack and troop moved away from pack/troopmaster many years ago so I do not have current info. It is always the best advice to use what works for your unit and leaders.

When I registered as a Den Leader we used Packmaster desktop along with the internet syncing. It was a bit if a pain as often one person wouldn’t close out and then everyone else was locked out.

The web version is great for troops.

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