Online Registration is delayed because new leader does not take YPT before registering online

As a COR/CUR I approve new adult applications done online as well as on paper-- Of the last 20 online applications, 18 of them went past 10 days and had to be reassigned back to the unit. Despite repeated phone calls and contacts with new adults, they think they can take the training later. It would save a lot of time and extra work for council staff, if the online system looked for the YPT training. If it is not there, the system should flag the online registration and not let the adult proceed until YPT is done. I am encouraging all registrations to be done online, so I would appreciate either some verbiage online during the process or not let the applicant proceed unit the YPT training is done. NOTE: I don’t accept the paper registrations without a copy of the YPT cert.


I agree with your idea. Since this is a function of, you will need to give your feedback to your Council and ask them to open a ticket to get the system updated to require YPT before submitting an adult application online.