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Online Scoutshop Question

This may be online somewhere, but going to the collective wisdom here — what is the procedure for buying rank patches and merit badges from the online scout shop during the pandemic? We tried to order some today (some replacements for ones lost and some earned online during COVID times) and all appeared as restricted items/out of stock/buy at your local bricks and mortar scout shop.

Right on the main ScoutShop.org webpage there is a huge red banner that says “Scout Shop is here to support Scouting at Home. Order your advancement materials online”. Click on that and follow the instructions. I haven’t done it yet, but I assume it is smooth?

Ahhh thanks. Before at least merit badges just appeared to be directly orderable off the site rather than having to email, but I may be misremembering. Thanks again.

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For others who might be reading this thread:

Update for Advancement Materials or Products

In efforts to protect our community, we are available for orders online. If you require advancement materials or products, please follow the following steps:

  1. Unit Leaders can email in the Advancement report to NDCSupply.Orders@Scouting.org
    Please include a contact phone number for our Customer Service team to contact for payment

  2. A Customer Service team member will contact the Unit Leader for credit card information, shipping and billing information, along with verifying the correct Council and Advancement.

  3. Advancement orders will be shipped to the individual placing the order.

During this time, there may be a delay in handling these requests and processing these orders. We assure you that we will handle as quickly as possible.


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Also, you should know that they asked me for the purchase order. The advancement report wasn’t enough. I suspect they use the SKU #s.

I used the NDCSupply.Orders@Scouting.org to order both restricted advancement and books, etc in order to get the free shipping. In the body of the email, I included qty, item description, sku and total line cost and then attached the advancement report. I also included my shipping information. They called within 24 hours to get my method of payment and then they sent me an invoice via email that I could give to accounting. It was pretty seamless. The order shipped quickly.

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