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Only Merit Badge Counselors visible to Council or above are showing up in searches

Many of our counselors are not showing up in Merit Badge Counselor searches. They seem to be those who are visible at the district level. I can provide screen shots if needed.

I have a theory that the root cause has to do with some chaos in our Council with District names…perhaps they are being cleaned up in Scoutnet. For example, counselors are showing up in “Expired-Watchung Mountain District, Watchung Mountain Region.” In the past, because of duplicate names (Region and District) for some of our Districts, I had to use both in the upload file. Then without notice I couldn’t use District. Now of course I don’t upload any District names. But individuals are seeing themselves in the “expired” district and the region…and then don’t seem to be visible at all. When running large geographical searches, only counselors visible council and above are being returned.

thanks for your help!


If you send me a mapping of old district to new district, I will ask the developers make a global change in Scoutbook. I’ll send you a private message (look for a green circle with a number on your photo in the upper right) so you can send the mapping.

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