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OOPS! Marked a Cub as earning AOL as a Wolf? How do I fix?

So I had gotten a text from a den leader saying Joe Bob and Jim Boe had earned rank but not showing up in Scoutbook. We had a cross over ceremony over that weekend so I did a paper copy of Advancement report so I could buy the AOL ranks I needed. When it was finally showing back in Scoutbook it turns out Jim Boe is only a WOLF!!! I reached out to the office and she’s removed it several times on the back end but its still showing he’s in a Wolf den but rank of AOL. I have tried to go in and remove it on our side but it only shows rank options as Lion, Bobcat, Tiger, and Wolf. Not even Bear yet since we haven’t done our annual rank up process. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the false AOL rank on our end??? Thanks in advance!!!

What is BSA # and we can take a look - just need the Number

Move the Scout temporarily to a Webelos Den. You will then be able to go to his advancement page and remove AOL. Then go back to his membership page, put an end date on the Webelos den then remove the end date on the Wolf den.

from the Scout profile you Could click on AOL rank and get to the screen for it and erase it there. Or reassign the scout to a Webelos Den to clear it in Advancements

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THANKS!!! You’re Awesome!!! Worked perfectly!

Hope you have a great rest of the week/weekend cause you just made mine!

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