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My son and I were previously in the Greater Hudson Valley when he was a wolf and bear, but we’ve moved to Indiana and are now in the Crossroads of America Council. At this point, he has two profiles, because the council here generated a new one for him without transferring his old advancements.

I wanted to go back to create a report from his old unit, but I get the error in the subject line when I attempt to run a history report on him.

Assuming I get the report, I am still not certain what the best option is to get his old advancement to show on his new member ID in Crossroad Council. I’ve read a number of topics, but the ones I have found do not seem to apply to this exact situation.

Post his bsa member number(s) and we can merge the scoutbook accounts.

Thanks. [Name removed by Moderator for privacy] His BSA IDs are

136919263 - Greater Hudson Valley Council (Past Council)
137096802 - Crossroads of America Council (Current Council)

@MichaelCracraft His Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

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