Oops while attempting to record a Rank advancement

While attempting to enter results from Board of Review for 2 scouts for 2nd Class received an oops.
Last Night about 8:55 CDT Navigated to the scout and then to the Scouts advancement tab. Scrolled down to Second Class, opened the rank (2nd Class). Clicked on the Percent Complete box, Filled in the pop up with the date earned and checked the approved / Recorded box, then clicked on save. Received an Oops.
Signed out thinking the usual Wednesday updates at 9 PM had started and waited till morning. Just did the same thing for the second scout. also received an oops. Went back to roster list & patrol list for the second scout and it shows that the scout is now 2nd class , checked on the scout from last night and it shows a 2nd class scout. Looked at the advancement tab for both scouts and it shows a blue check for 2nd class. Went to Needs Purchasing and Advancement Report - both show that these two scouts are second class. SO I am ok to do the Rank and Merit Badge purchasing for our next Court of Honor. That’s good, however should NOT show an oops when saving Rank completions.
Last night I was on my laptop: Win 11, Firefox in normal mode.
Today On my desktop Win 10, Firefox in normal mode.
For both computers Firefox is either the latest version or the next to the latest version.
I am the advancement coordinator for the unit and also the COR.
I just did a test of recording a completed Merit Badge for a scout - was able to record satisfactorily and then delete since this was just a test.
Just surprised to see an oops when it goes ahead and records the advancement.

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