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Open ability for parents to send messages via scoutbook

Would anyone else find it helpful for parents to be able to connect with the other parents/ and or members of the “pack”, “troop” etc.? We currently use a gmail account and people who aren’t classified in leadership roles ( ie popcorn chair) use this to send out info to the entire group. I would really see some benefit for these people to be able to use scoutbook. This could be a feature that account admins can toggle off and on or just leave on for parents. Thoughts?

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Hi, @LeneWalters,

According the the Scoutbook Knowledgbase, this is already a feature. I believe that parents with at least View Profile privileges to all of the scouts can send email to the unit.

Are you exclusively thinking of “event chairs” sending out notifications? We’ve largely centralized this through our unit secretary, outings coordinator, and/or an assigned ASM to manage our calendar/Scoutbook account.

I have to admit that I’d like to see the unit forums take on a role as a discussion center, at least for my unit, rather than having more email going around in general. It has the advantage that we would have some sort of archive of the discussions, and new members can easily be referenced to them well after the discussion had happened (e.g. a discussion about useful camping gear). Also, if people have notifications on for their unit forum, then whenever a new topic (or for watched topics, a new post) comes up, they would be notified.


The forum option is a great idea! I will also float this to our leadership as I see your point in limiting the emails but yet have a record of the topic and discussions. I will see what a general parents settings are for our troop.