Option to record parts of multi part requirements

When working on things that a single requirement has multiple parts, like first aid in trail to first class, it would be nice if the separate skills could be marked off to record partial progress to the requirement.

I think that sort of granularity has been requested before, and if I recall correctly, the response was that the granularity offered was consistent with what the program committee wanted shown.

I typically have the scouts (or the leaders, if the scouts don’t have access to their own accounts) flag that in the comments on the requirement.

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SB is exactly the same as the Handbook - it is a single requirement


@JeffreyIfland - that would be a modification of the requirement as written.

This is supported by adding notes to the requirements.


Yes it is a single requirement, however we are not talking about what they have to do, instead tracking what they have done. If the scout finishes two parts of a multi part requirement on one day and the remaining parts on another, then having the ability to track that is helpful.
In the physical scout book, I would create notes on the sub parts they had done, so that when we worked with them in the future there was a record of this effort towards the single requirement. (And not making them do parts again b/c it was not recorded)
I have heard about adding notes (after I made the post). I need to look into this more. Is there a way to add such a note to multiple scouts at the same time? Can this note be tied to the requirement? To see the note do I have to go into the specific requirement for each specific scout?
I’ll look into these, if people happen to know it may present an option I don’t find.
Thank you!

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@Stephen_Hornak how do you see this as a modification of the requirements as written?

@JeffreyIfland - how is it listed in the scout handbook ? If it isca singular requirement with a singular sign off then you are looking to modify the handbook which would modufy scoutbook.

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I’m not trying to create new requirements, or split the requirements into separate requirements. The requirement would only be signed off once all the parts are done. I don’t see how that is any different than how scouts are actually worked with, even more so since the change that anything a scout has done since joining can count towards requirements.

Taken from a different perspective, it seems like you are saying that it is not appropriate, as a scout leader, to work with a scout on part of a requirement, or that it is required to go over every part of a requirement just before you are going to sign it off, regardless of what may have been done at some point in the past since joining scouts by the scout, that possibly you can vouch for.

I guess I’m not understanding how documenting what has been done (similar to how partial merit badges currently work in the system), is in anyway changing the requirement.

@JeffreyIfland - if the items lusted were meant to be tracked individually then a singular requirement would be written as say 2, 2a 2b 2c etc. If it is written as just 2 it is a singular requirement. I would recommend that you read the guide to advancement and perhaps contact your council advancement chair

The requirements (including sub-requirements) in Scoutbook are supposed to match exactly the official requirements. If not, it creates issues in an electronic world. We do agree with you conceptually that splitting out tasks that can reasonably be done in separate sittings would be ideal, and we have provided that feedback to the appropriate people in the past.



I suggest you work with your Council Advancement Committee to suggest chnages to the Scouts BSA Program office. You should be explicit in your request, with the wording you would like to see changed in the requirements.

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I am familiar with the guide to advancement, however I am unaware of any part that says that the testing step must be done in one setting for a requirement. If you are aware of a place where this is stated, I would be very appreciative if you would share it.

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