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Order of the Arrow Roster

Is there a way to print an Order of the Arrow Roster from Scoutbook? And is there a way to set up an OA email distribution list in Scoutbook?

Hi, @CodyButcher,

Not directly in Scoutbook for most purposes. I believe when a Unit Admin exports the database, it includes OA data.

One thing that we have done in my unit is to add the recurring OA chapter meetings to the troop calendar and invite only the OA arrowmen to those events.

Using the Feature Assistant Extension, you can do several things that might serve the purposes you’re looking for.

  1. You can create and save a mailing group of recipients, which you could auto-select each time. You would need to manually update the list in order to make sure all arrowmen are included.

  1. You can also use the Show OA Membership Data report (also part of the FAE) to get a listing of your unit’s arrowmen. Note that this will take a while in larger units (see the message superimposed on my unit when I pulled the report). Note also that it only pulls youth data, since the adult data is not accessible from the database pull (except via a full export, I believe).

thanks - I’ll give that a try

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