Originally used Google, now can’t login

When I first logged into the website, I used the option to login using my Google account. I never had problems until today. Now it tells me there is no scoutbook account linked to my Google account. When I try to create a new account - it says I already have one and it locates me but it displays part of an email address that is not mine. Then I try to retrieve my username and it shows me a ridiculously long series of letters and numbers and if I use that to try and retrieve my password, it sends it to the email that is not mine.

I can only assume this is a byproduct of using Google to login - but now I’m not sure what to do. Should I create a new account? Or can someone help me fix this?

@EricaDelValle how did you log into forums? try the same method

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Oddly it didn’t ask me to login to forums.

You’re still setup for Google Sign in - and you signed in today to Scoutbook

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