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Origins of raffle/gambling fundraising ban?

Does anyone know the origins of the fundraising raffle ban? I’m curious to know the approximate time it first went into place and maybe earliest documentation if anyone can point me to a source.

It was prohibited at least as far back as the 2011 BSA Rules & Regulations.


well beyond that … there are group of civil and structural engineers that bet on ya’ll surviving to tomorrow… just sayin :slight_smile:


My memory (from looking at this associated with someone wanting to have a raffle entry as a reward for doing a survey) is that are actually some states where any raffles are illegal under state law. The BSA level regulations may prohibit them in part to be consistent with the most restrictive of state laws.

Or even just regulated. In Wisconsin you have to get a permit.

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It was banned when my dad was Cubmaster back in the 70s. My guess (and only a guess) is that the ban has origins in many churches position papers against gambling in any shape, form, or fashion.

Maybe the churches didn’t want competition for their Bingo games…

LOL - while some have bingo games, other consider it the first step on the wide path.

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