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Other family members - usage

What is the setting “other family member” used for?

We have tried to use it for invitations to events, capturing RSVP counts for family type events and others, but can’t find what benefit it provides.

I would love to be able to add siblings and grandparents to use for family events.

It gives them access to see the scout’s advancement (if set to at least view advancement) or see the unit calendar within scoutbook.

Ok, I guess that is somewhat beneficial; however, there are many additional uses that it could be used for. Especially with the cub scouts where the entire family gets involved and not all family members are parents or have email addresses like siblings.

Brian North

I used it for den chief to my son

I really don’t use it much. I did use it once for a grandfather, but he was also an assistant den leader. So, he got all the communications that way.

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