Our BeAScout page cuts off our pack number (branding) on mobile browsers (ios at least)

We’re starting to send leads to our pack’s BeAScout page so they can to sign up or get more info. All of our marketing materials prominently feature our pack number, as it is essentially our brand name.

But when users view our page on iOS, either Chrome or Safari, the page displays incorrectly and the pack number - and part of the chartered org name - are hidden/cut off.

The pack number needs to be visible on the page so the user knows they are in the right place. We’re doing more QR codes now, so prospectives will primarily be reaching that page via mobile.

Please help us recruit better by fixing this. TYIA

iPhone 11, iOS 15.5

Sample page page for testing: Scouting units near you - Boy Scouts of America

Screenshots of Chrome and Safari here:

You image does not show the issue - so hard to help

I have the issue too in portrait. Landscape is fine.

@jacobfetzer so it does not show the pack number? Just shows charter?

It probably isn’t an issue with short CO names, but when the unit number and CO name need to wrap to a second line, it only shows the second.

Note in my example it doesn’t even show the entire CO name.

@RonaldBlaisdell the charter of the least importance (in a way) - you have better contacts for this

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Can I please see an example where the unit number is truncated when the browser is set to 100% magnification?

I saw the Charter Partner issue, but I want to submit one report for both issues.

@RonaldBlaisdell I think @jacobfetzer are good - that is how I understood it - you still see the 1 in his

@RonaldBlaisdell See my first image. It’s one issue. It omits “Pack 3789 William R Schnug”. That’s the unit number and first portion of the CO name omitted.


I reported this to IT management this morning.

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This should be corrected now. @jacobfetzer @MichaelK please validate and make sure it is working for your units.

Chrome looks good now. Safari still has same issue (iOS 15.5 version). Thanks.

@MichaelK Looks fixed for me on Safari with iOS 15.6. Not sure if screen size matters. I have an iPhone XR.

I had to clear cache first but now it looks ok in Safari. Thank you all for your help with this!

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Thanks @RonaldBlaisdell I think we are good now!

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