Our committee chair doesn't see our unit's menu

Our committee chair doesn’t have our unit’s menu in my.scouting. So, he can’t approve an adult application (we have it turned on where both CC and COR need to approve).

Yes, he is in my.scouting as the committee chair.

Is the best guess 2 BSA IDs? To “fix” it, would that be under “manage member id” and see 2 entries, even though I see one?

If that doesn’t work, contact council?

The only thing I’d add is that in manage member ID, the number that he is registered as CC with needs to be primary. Then, he may have to wait a day.

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@Matt.Johnson if you need help finding if there are multiple SUAC can help

Volunteers usually don’t have the tools to discover that a person has multiple Member IDs in the same council (although Scoutbook might give a hint… I had one person with 3). You may need to get your council to look into ScoutNet to confirm and merge away the extraneous MIDs. CAUTION: If they have training taken under multiple MIDs, have them sync their training before merging. (The process to sync training with multiple MIDs is to have the person go into My.Scouting “Manage Member ID” add each MID to their profile, and then cycle through each MID as primary for a 24 hour period.)

Also any MID with a Criminal Background Check cannot be retired.

It can, once the registration for that ID has expired. :wink: