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Outdoor Activity Award and the National Summertime Pack Award

This question is in regards to the relationship between the Outdoor Activity Award and the National Summertime Pack Award. Requirement 3 of the Outdoor Activity Award v2015 (Wolf) is to complete five of the following… option (g) is “Earn the Summertime Pack Award”. For the sake of this question/discussion, I will refer to the Scout as a Wolf.

I know that there is great debate concerning if a Wolf earns the Summertime Pack Award during the summer before 2nd grade, or the summer after 2nd grade. In another thread National Summertime Activity Award, it was stated that pack committees can choose whichever way works best for them.

So here are two of scenarios.

A. The Pack Committee decides that a Wolf earns the Wolf Summertime Pack Award at the end of the school year. This has them earn the Tiger Award at the start of their Wolf program year. The one benefit of this scenario is that it allows any Scouts who joined at the start of their school year to earn the Summertime Pack Award for their given rank.

B. The Pack Committee decides that a Wolf earns the Wolf Summertime Pack Award at the start of the school year. They can apply this toward requirement 3 since it is completed during the Wolf program year. This scenario presents a couple of issues. It prevents Scouts joining at the start of the school year from earning the Summertime Pack Award for their given rank, since they will have missed the window of opportunity. Another issue is that a Webelos has two summers, and if they earn it the first summer, they won’t have an incentive the second summer since the Webelos Summertime Pack Award isn’t listed as one of the awards that can be earned multiple times.

So here are the questions:
In Scenario A, Can the Scout use the Tiger Award to meet this Wolf requirement, or is the Summertime Pack Award no longer a viable option to apply toward requirement 3?
If they have to use the Wolf Award, is the window of opportunity for the Outdoor Activity Award extended for three months after they are no longer a Wolf?

Another drawback of option A is that there is no Lion award. So, A scout who participates the summer between Kindergarten and 1st would have no award to receive.

Regardless, if using option A, I would count the Tiger summertime award toward the Wolf Outdoor Activities Award since it occurred during that time frame.

@jacobfetzer Since I was looking at entering awards for my own Wolf Den, I hadn’t even put much thought into the Lions. You are right about the impact of Scenario A on a Lion -> Tiger Scout.

At this point, I think that Scenario B is the better choice. Now just to confirm with the Pack Committee as to how they want to proceed. I’ll be sure to lay it out similar as to how we discussed it here.

Thanks again,

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If you follow option B. your pack can choose to award / purchase the Webelos pin twice. There is no prohibition against Webelos Scouts earning it twice, although it can only be recorded once currently. The intent of the award is to encourage Scouts to be active with their pack over their summer.

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@MichaelTrotochaud, I am confused by your question. There is not a Wolf Summertime Pack Award, or a Bear Summertime Pack Award. There is only a Summertime Pack Award. The fact that BSA decided to provide different versions of the pins did not make it different awards,

Therefore, if during the summer for the time period you are working on the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award (same period for Requirement #1 when the Scout attended Day Camp or Resident Camp) did the Scout earn the National Summertime Activity Award? If the answer is Yes, then check the box. Which pin the Pack Committee chooses to present to the Scout, IMHO, is irrelevant to the question at hand.

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