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Outdoor Activity Award - Dependent Checkbox will not update

I have a scout who has completed all of their requirements for their Webelos Outdoor Activity Award. Every box is marked as Completed and Approved. Item #2 is the completion of Webelos Walkabout, which has been done. In the award entry page, that requirement shows with a blue check mark for the adventure pin (as the sub-requirement), but the requirement 2 box only shows as a green check mark. That box cannot be updated manually because it is dependent on the sub-requirement being completed first (which it is). Consequently, the main award box at the top also shows a green checkbox. And when you drill down into it, you see everything completed and approved, yet that box remains green.Gibson - OAA.pdf (38.2 KB)

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It will remain green until a den/pack leader approves the award as completed. the blue check means that that specific requirement/award has been approved by leadership and the green check means that it has been input as completed and awaiting approval. Ihope this helps

That is the problem. It has been approved and even shows approved in the text within the box (with who approved it and the date) but the check box remains green.

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What happens if you Leader Approve the whole award? Does it approve requirement #2?

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It lets you go in there and do that, but as soon as you hit ‘Save’ and come back out, the box is still green.

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We have two separate scouts from two different dens that this happened to, but have found a work-around:

Ran the ‘Needs Approval’ report and the award shows in there and was able to force the approval through from there. Now the awards shows up as completed, approved, and in the ‘Needs Purchasing’ report.

BUT… if you go to that scout and look under ‘Awards’, the award now has a blue check and is completed, but the box next two requirement #2 is still green.

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So if you Leader Approve the top-level of the award (first line in your snapshot above), the overall award goes blue, but the individual requirement stays green? Or does the overall award still show up as only Completed, too?

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Before the work-around, the completed box showed a green check but was labeled as completed. Even if you went in and approved the whole award, it would still show as green, and thus, not be counted on the Purchase report. The only way to get that box to go blue was to access it through the ‘Needs Awarding’ report. Approving the award through there pushed the award through as ‘Completed’. But as you see in the screen show, #2 is still showing green. You cannot override that box because it is depending on Bear Necessities being complete, which it is (and marked blue).

As I said, this exact thing happened with another one of our Scouts.

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Just found a third scout with the same scenario:

  1. Completed box is empty.
  2. Requirement #1 = blue check
  3. Requirement #2 = green check
  4. Bear Necessities, underneath #2 = blue check
  5. Requirement #3 = green check
  6. Seven sub-requirements under #3 all show having blue checks

In this case, the sub-requirements for #2 and #3 show as completed and approved, but the dependent box for those requirements did not update from green to blue.

  1. We to the top of the award and clicked on the ‘Completed’ box. Within the pop-up, I put in a date and made sure to mark the ‘Approved’ box before saving.
  2. Came back out to the award screen and Completed now has a green box and says ‘Completed’ but not approved.
  3. Requirements #2 and #3 still have green boxes also.
    10 Went to the ‘Needs Approval’ report and selected that award for the scout.
  4. Dated and marked as approved in this box and saved.
  5. Now I return to the award from within the scout’s profile and Completed now has a blue box but #2 and #3 still show as green. Sub-requirements for those awards are all blue checks.
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