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Outdoor Activity Award pins not available?

We have a Scout who earned the Outdoor Activity Award as a Tiger, and has earned it again as a Wolf. When we tried to order the pin, they said it was no longer available - I can’t find out if the award has been discontinued or not. Does anyone know anything about this?


I haven’t heard anything about it being discontinued. Its still listed here, with a part number:

but I don’t see the part or part number at scoutshop.org, so maybe Supply Division discontinued it and the documentation hasn’t caught up yet?

I tried to buy some today and was told by my local Scout Shop that they were pulled/recalled. No explanation.

We were able to purchase those pins a few months ago at our Scoutshop.

The documentation can be extremely out of date.

the whittling chip patch shown here hasn’t been correct for years

I bought one pin in November

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Wolf Track Pin

I believe the pin you are looking for is the “wolf track pin” (No. 14236). image

  • “Motivate Cub Scouts with the Outdoor Activity Award”, by Mark Ray, From the May-June 2013 issue of Scouting magazine; posted online April, 2017.

WHAT RECOGNITION ITEMS DO RECIPIENTS RECEIVE? The first time a boy earns the award, he receives the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity emblem (No. 14235; shown above). It goes on the right pocket flap of his uniform shirt. Each additional time he earns the award, he receives a Wolf Track pin (No. 14236) that’s worn on the pocket flap emblem.

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

Cub Scouts may earn the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award in each of the program years as long as the requirements are completed each year. The first time the award is earned, the boy will receive the pocket flap award (patch) , which is to be worn on the right pocket flap of the uniform shirt. Each successive time the award is earned, a wolf track pin may be added to the flap. Leaders should encourage boys to build on skills and experiences from previous years when working on the award for a successive year.

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity and National Summertime Activity awards are separate awards

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