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Outdoor Activity Award Requirement 1

For the outdoor activity award does anybody know if going to a family club weekend event qualifies for requirement one which is a scout must attend a Cub Scout daycamp or Cubscouts/Webelos scout resident camp?

@ElizaArevalo - the requirements say day camp or resident camp. A cub weekend does not meet those requirements.

My interpretation is that it needs to be a day camp or resident camp experience provided by a council. For example, our council (Daniel Webster/NH) features both week long resident camp and day camp programs at Camp Carpenter.

They will have a camp director, program director, and most likely be national camp school accredited in order to count.

I was told by our council that our family weekend meets the requirement because it is held at the scout campground, and has a fire ceremony, flag retirement, skits, shooting sports, rockets, and a stem lab, and is a staffed event. But I know not all family weekends are the same, so I would check with your individual council.

Thank you Shelly, our family/weekend camps do have all of that. We do a lot at these camps so I was surprised to learn they may not fulfill the requirement. Today however I learned that they do. Thank you all for the replies.

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