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Outdoor Activity Award Wolf Track Pin

I have been trying to get the Wolf Track pins for our scouts who have earned the Outdoor Activity Award for their 2nd or higher time. Spoke to National Supply and they indicated that the item has been discontinued in their catalog.

I have not seen any notification or addendum to the awards for this and the last advancement report I ran still show the pins as “needs purchasing”. Anyone aware of an official announcement or changes to Scoutbook to address this?


This is the first the SUAC is hearing that the wolf track pins have been discontinued. We will ask the Cub Scout Program team if there is a replacement.

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I haven’t heard anything official.

I called National Supply in February. They told me there was a quality issue, that they were working with the vendor to resolve the issue, and that the pins would be available by mid March.

The pin #14236 has been missing from ScoutShop since at least January. I suggested they return the award to the website and mark it in some way, backordered or out of stock so an advancement chair can keep up with the status of this current Cub Scout award.

In late March the patch #14235 for the Outdoor Activity Award disappeared for ScoutShop. I emailed the customer service email to determine if the award was being discontinued. They replied that they were forwarding my concerns to the leader of the web group. The patch is back up but still nothing about the pin.

Meanwhile ScoutShop still list as “Out of Stock” pins for the long discontinued (2015?) Cub Scout Academics and Sports pins awards.

I know the organization has a lot going on with the bankruptcy but I see several operations opportunities and areas where greater coordination and accountability is needed.

The awards and advancement group should be defining what supply carries and it should be on the site as long as the award is current. What do we tell these cubs who’ve earned their wolf track pin? National doesn’t have any pins. They can’t tell us if or when they may get pins. We hope you’ll be ok with another of the same patch (the actual suggestion of our local Scout Shop).

BSA doesn’t follow these boards but I know someone on here posted an email once for the awards and advancement committee. I hope they’ll reply here and tag me because I’d like to bring this issue directly to the committee’s attention.

Who are you trying to alert directly?

Supply group? The closest contact I’ve ever seen for supply group is customerservice@scoutshop.org. I’m also not sure how much of the customer-support role has migrated to JIRA at membercare.scouting.org.

If it’s the folks at the advancement team, they’re advancement.team@scouting.org, but they handle the technical questions regarding advancement that aren’t included in the Guide to Advancement. They also have a twitter feed at: https://twitter.com/advbsa

Thanks Charley. I’ll give that one a shot.

Do you know if the Training group has an email like that?

I think that the training team has contact info in The Training Times. Advancement team was in Advancement News.

I couldn’t add a new reply, so I edited this reply. As of 1 July 2020, BSA Supply has issued a recall on some of the Wolf Track pins. More data at Bryan on Scouting:

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We asked, and the answer we got back was that they are discontinued with no replacement at this time. I am not sure if this is a supply issue or a program decision.

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Jennifer, thanks for asking. I wish it was a more definitive answer as we have scouts who will be eligible for this.


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