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Outdoor Ethics Guide - Position Code and Adult equivalent

Is there a position code for the Scout position “Outdoor Ethics Guide”?

Is there an adult position equivalent to the Scout position “Outdoor Ethics Guide”? “Outdoor Ethics Guide Advisor”? If yes, is there a position code?

I checked the 2019-Jul version of the Registration Guidebook of the Boy Scouts of America found on this BSA webpage. I did not find any registration code, nor any position code, for a Outdoor Ethics Guide or Leave No Trace position.

“Outdoor Ethics Guide” is a youth leadership position. It does not have a position code.

There is an “Outdoor Ethics Guide Advisor” role for adults, but it is not mentioned in the BSA Registration Guidebook (as DougWright said). It seems like it should be an adult functional role, similar to Unit Outdoors/Activity Chair.



Thanks for the help and the hyperlinks!

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