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Pack and US Flags

How do I get a new pack flag that is an appropriate size for my young pack? Can I make it myself? Is there an official store somewhere? What do you do with your younger packs with gigantic oversized flags for flag ceremony?

Hi April,

You can order an “official” Pack flag here: https://carrot-top.com/bsa
You can also certainly make one yourself, if that’s suitable for your purposes. My home pack has a homemade banner that two Cubs can carry on a long pole for parades.

Huh, that’s new. I was going to say you can order one from scoutshop.org (or from your local Scout Shop), but then I noticed that now when you search the site for “pack flag” or navigate to the custom flag category, you get a big add for Carrot-Top. Guess this is another change to BSA’s supply-chain.

At any rate, we have the standard 3x5 flags on 8’ solid wood poles, and they’re definitely not easy for Cubs to carry, especially for parades where even the Webelos struggle. So I would recommend getting aluminum and/or shorter poles, as we hopefully will soon.

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The Scout Shop online switched to that site within the past year or so. Our flag is for our old charter org since 2018 so I’ve been trying to budget one in for three years now.

Have two Scouts help. One holds the pole with two hands, the other with one hand and keeps the flag itself up. I also cut down our flag pole by about a foot. The length is a problem, it’s a giant lever and all the weight is on the far end.

In addition to the suggestions already offered, there are flag-carrying harnesses that might help distribute the weight to the scouts’ shoulders, and leave their hands free to act more in controlling the position/orientation of the flag. This is one below I found just googling around for an illustration.


There are other varieties (e.g. belt-type or single neck straps), but I suspect that they wouldn’t do as well for smaller scouts. You might reach out to someone in a local marching band to see what they use. That still leaves the step of dismounting the flag staff from the carrier and seating it when posting. I’m not sure whether or not that would be more complicated for the youth to manage than wrangling the flags for the relatively short time carrying them to the front of the assembly area.

Yeah, I had tried this route too. But then I discovered that Cubs only have about 1.5’ of length between the holder and where they hold onto a flag… which doesn’t work with an 8’ pole. So I need to get shorter poles or longer cubs :wink:

Well rats. Shorter poles is probably easier, then. It’s hard on the cubs when you stretch them too soon. :rofl:


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