Pack committee chair disappeared

My wife recently joined to become the new pack committee chair. The chartered organization representative approve her application. She saw it in scout book and my scouting. A day later she went back and my wife’s name disappeared. My charted organization representative is confused with what happened. Any thoughts?

@FrankFitzGerald post BSA # and we can take a look

So bsa number 140879574. The pack number is 265

@FrankFitzGerald well she is not Chair - she is (was) committee member? I think a talk to Council and have then send in National Ticket on it

Ok she was just added as a committee member so I’m wondering why it disappeared

@FrankFitzGerald - are there any additional requirements for adult applications in your council? Like fingerprints, state and federal cbc…

Not as far as I know

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