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Pack/Crew Dual Membership Bug

I have been added to a Webelos Den in Scoutbook in order to help out. Now, a few interesting bugs appear to have popped up.

  1. When I access my profile from the dashboard, I am shown advancement from when I was a Cub Scout.

  2. When I go to the Den I am assigned to I am shown as both a Den Leader and a Scout.

@JonahMay - on your profile, click on membership and list what is shown as current/active membership. Likewise, what is shown in your position section.

It looks like you might have multiple accounts based on your pic:

  • Jonah May
  • Jonah Mayo
  • Jonah May-old

You will probably need Scoutbook support to help fix.


Jonah May is my main account that all advancement and membership links to.

Jonah Mayo is a dummy account for when things periodically break such as me losing access to all connections in a unit.

Jonah May-old was deleted at the SSO implementation because there was no membership number linked to it. I’ve put in a JIRA request to have it removed.

Accessing from My Dashboard -> My Account:
My Membership:

My Leadership:

Also I am unable to view Crew advancement for myself on my main profile as I am greyed out and it says I am not connected to myself (hence why I have the second account, at times like these it is the only way to access my advancement).

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