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I have a simple question about Pack dues. Currently my pack is in the process to increase the initial cost by about $20 to cover things for the pack. We don’t really have a reserve of funds somehow or something. I honestly and not sure but we have a new treasurer who is working on getting things sorted out.

I was just curious how other packs deal with dues. Are they monthly? yearly? by event? Please, I am curious!

My pack charges them annually. It’s a lot easier on the treasurer.

Hi, @AllisonTackett,

Our troop & pack generally charge annual dues to partially cover things like awards/advancement/unit meetings, then supplement with fundraising.

We also have additional costs associated with overnights for those who participate. The costs for the event are estimated based on previous costs (e.g. hard costs like camping reservations/fees + estimated costs for meals/consumable supplies all divided up over the number of slots we have for the event).

Allison - the issue you will have is determining the variables. You can certainly fix unit dues or re-registation based on council/national fees and the balance to operating costs like advancement etc. Then for fundraising using that to offset activity costs. What helps is capturing real costs over time.

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Hi @AllisonTackett,
Based on my limited experience, our pack has relied on the standard registration fee, popcorn sales, business fundraisers (portion of their sales) and per-event charges. In Roundtable discussions, dues seem to make sense to support the traditions the pack wants to do ex. providing neckerchief or scout manuals during crossover etc. outside of that, i think it really depends on how active the parents are as a due really puts people into the mindset of expecting something in return and if you don’t have a good active pack you will end up with surplus and potentially frustration. Hope this help.

Hello there, our pack charges $3.00 a month, So I just write a check for the year, I how this helps.

Our pack is 10.00 per month x9 (summer months are optional)

80.00 if you pay for the entire year.

Camping, day camp, outings, etc are all paid by the Scout. These are offset by fundraising based on participation.

This is in addition to the registration fee?

We are currently dealing with an increase registration fee from our council & with the price increase we as a Pack cannot eat the cost so we have to be up front & honest with our parents. It is easier for my treasurer to collect dues once a year, but with this increase we will give our parents an opportunity to collect at different times.

Our Pack dues are derived from our Pack Budget. All of the leaders meet and we discuss what events to hold throughout the year. Depending on the event and what all is being provided, ie Food and decorations or just the event, we calculate the cost per scout.

Ultimately the budget drives the fundraising needs and the overall dues needed. We provide a manual, neckerchief, and slide for all scouts each year as part of their dues.

As of last year our dues were $200 / scout / year. We encourage all scouts to sell popcorn to pay for their dues. If they put in the time they can walk away with $0 out of pocket but they have to show up and sell popcorn.

We have some families that out in some effort and offset their dues and we have some families that don’t want to sell at all and would rather write a $200 check.

Yes. This covers pack expenses as registration goes 100% to bsa.

Our Pack divided the cost and income into three categories. Dues cover all the cost or near all the cost of all the awards/neckerchiefs/handbooks. Popcorn fundraiser covers all other expenses such as pack meeting supplies/two camp outs/ day trips/ events/ and one big overnight trip. Coupon sales cover the cost of summer camp and or resident camp. We take last years cost of awards plus councils dues then divide them by the number of scouts and that is what we charge for dues. We found that the expenses for awards been consistent over the last several years.

We do the same at our Pack. The values are slightly different because of varying Pack events and how much money is raised at popcorn fundraising. We encourage participation in the popcorn sales to teach “a Scout is thrifty” and “pays their own way.” For a new parent it seems daunting but with a friendly Committee member sitting by to answer and guide the new parent to Scouting the only thing that needs to be paid is the first registration fee (~$100 depending on the time of the year). If the family decides to not participate in popcorn sales the per Scout Fair Share comes to ~$265. That covers registration (National, Council & local), pinewood derby, parties (Christmas, B&G and graduation) and of course the all important Bling (awards, books, neckerchief and rank).

If our fundraising is successful enough we also help the trained YPT leaders with 1st uniform shirt, 50% wood badge course reimbursement and leader annual dues all paid by the Pack.

As the Pack Treasurer going on 3 years now, I maintain our single bank account and track all income/expenses in Google Docs Spreadsheet with several books, Using a pivot table I can track our income and expense over the years to come up with a very accurate budget and we can then accurately estimate how much popcorn to sell to meet the Packs needs.

Please do not let it seem difficult as the expenses add up for camping trips, Pack t-shirts(class B), PWD cars, awards, den or pack supplies. Things like party supplies for the 2-4 parties the pack can pay for if the fundraiser went well. If not, then having to speak to the parents to help offset the costs by bringing food/drinks can seem overwhelming, just remember: it’s not about you, it’s about them.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions
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Allison, et. al.

I teach a class at Baltimore University of Scouting that I developed that handles pack finances/budget. The bottom line with dues, in my humble opinion, is to make sure you collect enough to fund the pack’s annual program and not much more. The real question is, how much?

To answer that I looked at what we were spending and broke it down to a per scout cost. Thus, we have enough funds to cover our costs regardless of how many scouts are in the pack. I have a spreadsheet that I use to help calculate that. It is broken down by line item in our budget and joining month so that a new scout isn’t paying for events that have already occurred the year they join.

The biggest thing is to review your costs annually and update the spreadsheet. Just because you charge $XX per scout per year for advancement doesn’t mean that BSA won’t change the program from beads per elective to belt loops or pins and costs go up and you didn’t forecast that. Your advancement budget may allow for yy belt loops per youth per year because your historical data supports that but youth start earning yy+ z and you need to make sure you collect enough dues to cover that change.

I tried to upload a copy of the spreadsheet but they are not supported in this format. Email me at and I’ll send you the sheet.


Our annual dues are $110. This covers registration fees, Boys Life, pack meetings, and Advancement Budget.

We charge for individual campouts based on what our expense is and what food the pack is providing. Our pack has 115 scouts currently so our family campouts can exceed 250 people easily.