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Pack Events not displaying in app

Sorry! Misunderstood. Is this what you’re looking for? (there’s other events shown here for my older son’s Troop, so please ignore those).

Ok, that at least tells us it’s something specific to the app. Could you provide me with the event ID numbers for the swim night and the annual planning meeting? You should be able to get those by clicking on the events in Scoutbook and looking at the URL.

Just as a crazy idea… you could delete the app data for the scouting app and log in again to refresh it.

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Yes, that’s a good idea

You bet!

Swim Night: 3716342

Annual Planning: 3707415

Rocket Launch: 3721890 (also not showing up)

Thanks for your help! I’ll hold off deleting anything until I hear back from you.

@TrishaCheek - i would delete the app data and allow it to re-sync… you will go through the initial login splash screens…

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