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Pack fundraising in the time of COVID

Hello We are trying to come up with creative ways to hold fundraisers in the time of COVID. I know the scouts can NOT solicit donations, correct? But is there a way to do a virtual fundraiser that other packs have had success with? TIA

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We have been investigating fundraisers with minimal interaction; not necessarily full virtual. One suggestion we saw that we liked and are investigating is First Aid Kits. The option we are looking at does allow for online ordering. I would love to hear some other ideas though.

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Hello! There are a few that can be successful depending on the demographics of your area and your scouts. I’ve seen a local troop sell t-shirts online that made some money or their troop. The shirts were not scout shirts, but were town pride shirts. They also sold masks. I believe on Custom Ink.

You can hold a ‘virtual’ fishing derby. It’s just a real fishing derby, but individuals submit their pictures online. You can have some trophies and medals for scouts, and non-scouts. You can have an entry fee to participate before the event. Have the event last a week. You can get some decent trophies for under $10 online, You can do pre-orders for custom patches for the event too with a profit margin. It really depends entirely on the demographics of your town on how successful fundraisers like that would be, while also having a fun event.

In some states, a fishing derby is regulated by the state division of wildlife. Recommend you check with appropriate folks for your location. :slight_smile:

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