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Pack Overnight Camp

It may be misleading, but it is accurate. They cannot go camping as a den. I agree with your suggestion to read the G2SS and BALOO syllabus.

This may be true in YOUR council, but not all councils. A council may require the those facilities and thus not authorize camping facilities without them. A council can be more restrictive than rhen G2SS.


@Matt.Johnson - As you point out, coulcils can make any safety rules more restrictove than the G2SS they choose. They just cannot waive anything in the Guide.

Although it is odd, in my council, a Cub Scout cannot camp on council property with a parent. They even apply this to Webelos. They can easily enforce it at check-in. However, they have no such rule if a pack or Webelos den is camping somewhere other than a council property (on a council-approved list of camping locations). It seems counterintuitive to me, because if I had to pck the safest place for a Cub Scout to camp (and, therefore, the place where the assistance/proximity of a parent is most needed), I would say it is a council property that is, after all, designed for Scouts.

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