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I was just curious, has anyone done anything to personalize the field uniform for their pack? We already have a “Class B” tee shirt. But if it is permissible, it might be fun to have a personalization that is appropriate for the “Class A” field uniform for when our pack gathers with cubs from other packs. I was thinking something like the Troop specific neckerchiefs that scouts get when they join a troop. Obviously, this would be difficult because Cub Scouts have rank specific neckerchiefs that are nationally recognized. Scouts BSA says, “Cub Scouts may wear handmade neckerchief slides (reference).” Is this the only personalization that is permitted? Has anyone done anything like this? Has anyone tried (and had accepted) any other field uniform personalizations? If there is a reason for not doing something like this from the Scouts BSA point of view, I am interested in understanding that position as well.

Many thanks!

You could do Pack-specific brag vests with a Pack logo on them.

You have to be careful about making them too personalized, though. Making too much info about kids available to random strangers is a real problem. When my sons were Cub-aged, we did not let them wear clothing with their names on them to avoid some rando saying “Hey, Johnny, your mom told me to pick you up after scouts”.

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That is a great idea! Thank you!

Incidentally, by personalization, I meant to the Pack’s collective identity. Of course we do not want to advertise individual Scouts’ personal information.


The Cub Scout uniform promotes discipline and makes Scouts feel they are part of their own pack as well as the entire Scouting movement. To the extent possible, the pack’s leadership should be promoting proper uniforming.

You have correctly identified one of the two things that can express your pack’s identity while still preserving the benefits of a uniform. Cub Scout may wear handmade neckerchief slides. If your pack has an adult with talent to make something special, get that person involved. Let the Scouts have a say in how the pack slide will look. Make a big deal of how only pack members will wear this slide and it not only holds the neckerchief together, but it unifies the entire pack. Tell the Cub Scouts that these slides cannot be purchased, and selling or trading them is not allowed. They are restricted items. Even if others may be envious of them and try to get one, there is no way to buy one. Consider giving the special slide to new Cub Scouts only after they achieve the Bobcat rank.

You could even design a new slide every year and permanently retire the previous year’s slide as a valuable collectible item. As years pass, some members will accumulate an impressive set of slides they will treasure for years to come.

My pack does not do this. We gave our Cub Scouts special handmade slides for Halloween and for the Pinewood Derby. They are free to wear either of these or the official BSA-issued metal slide.

The other thing that can express your pack’s identity on the uniform is the numerals on the sleeve.

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Hi Peter,

Thank you very much! This is exactly the kind of information that I sought. I especially like the idea of giving the slide to Cub Scouts who have earned the Bobcat rank.

Chris Weaver

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When my brother was in Bears he whittled a slide shaped like a match stick with his den. They all worked together and designed it and then made their own to fulfill the requirement, but it was something special for their den and something that made our pack stand out a little with Bears making their own slides. Sometime between my brother leaving and my son joining they stopped doing this, but I intend to start it again next year with my Bear den. Something they vote on, design, and make themselves can have a great impact. And make great memories and souvenirs!


Woggles are not a bad idea for identity - I did this with a Bear Den thinking it was going to be a disaster - but all scouts got it done (12 or so) - little pieces of 1/2 inch pvc pipe help getting it tight and right size.