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Pack trainer or unit training chair?

Hello forum,
Can you please help to clarify the difference between a pack trainer and a unit training chair? I’ve been nominated as the trainer for our cub scout pack which did not have a “trainer” position filled previously and I’m unclear on which I should have and what the differences are?

Thank you

It depends on the unit or pack on what they want you to do. Training chair is not an official BSA position. It is dependent on each individual unit on your duties. I would guess that you make sure all leaders are ypt trained and help them with position specific and extra trainings.

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Thank you for the clarification

Unit Training Chair (UTC) is kind of an umbrella term. For most unit types, UTC is a functional role, usually performed by one of the Committee Members. Pack Trainer is similar, but it is a registered position for Cub Scout packs.

As a Pack Trainer, you should have access to the Trained Leader Report, Training Manager, and YPT Reports for your pack at my.scouting once you are registered in the position. UTCs in other unit types have to be re-designated every year after recharter. (They have been making changes at my.scouting, but this is my understanding.)

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Thank you, great info!

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