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Packaging awards/belt loops for easy distribution

I suspect it depends a lot on the size of your pack. If you have a pack of 40 or 50, that’s a lot more awards to pass out at once than our pack of 20 or so.
It also probably depends on whether you have a pack meeting every month, or replace that with a pack outing. (I believe that’s permissible)
We do the majority of our recognitions at the pack meeting - but if someone doesn’t make it, we don’t make them wait for the next one to receive their award.

As the Advancement Chair for our troop, I re-purpose the return envelopes that I receive in the mail and put the scout’s awards in them to be handed to him at the Court of Honors. This saves the troop the cost of brand new envelopes. My parents have offered to save theirs if need more.

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Might not be the most useful because I was just trying to keep a few loops organized, but I have just folded up a piece of paper to belt width and slid the loops onto that, folding over the ends. I suppose you tape the ends to be more secure and write the names there. Wont be helpful for anything but loops though.

I’m hopping on this late, but my wife is the Advancement Chair, she has a Cricut and cuts out shapes in cardstock that match some sort of theme for the month (leaf in the fall, or pinewood derby car in Macrh, etc). Then, she uses hot-glue to put the beltloops on the card stock and writes the names of the scouts on them. Sometimes, she even color codes the paper stock with the rank (red for Wolf, Blue for Bear, etc.). I think you can get similar pre-cut shapes from dollar stores. It’s been nice, and still keeps them all together. It also is easier to write (and read) a name on a piece of paper than to try and sharpie it on a plastic bag.

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We used to have a pun/funny way to hand them out either in Den or at the Pack meeting but it was time consuming so the volunteer in charge would have to enjoy this sort of thing. Ex. hanging on tape up high to jump for, and having belt loops tuck in slit tennis balls.