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Paper blue card only for complete MB - not in SB

I have a scout that just transferred in to the troop. He has 2 completed MB with evidence of signed blue cards. These were never entered into IA or SB. Both of these badges were completed more than 2 years ago. He even has the badges given to him from his old troop. How can I enter these into SB to ensure he receives the credit he is due?

Add the MB to his record. Go to his awards page and click Start New MB. Click on Percent Complete, enter the completion date on the blue card and set Leader Approved. Click the completion date again and set the Awarded check box since he already has the merit badges.


Although I think it’s implicit in what @edavignon wrote, I would recommend ensuring that the date entered as Completed is the date of the final approval by the counselor, rather than today’s date. The audit data (left side below the MB) will show today’s date as when it was marked Completed, Leader Approved, and Awarded. The date on the right side should match the date the badge was marked complete by the counselor on the blue card.

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Charley is correct. Use the date on the Blue Card as the completion date.

I also recommend taking a picture of the Blue Card and uploading it to MB. You must include note text for the picture to save.


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