Parent account won't connect properly

Good morning!

Our Pack is starting to use Scoutbook this year. We had previously tested it a couple years ago and the leadership at the time had decided not to switch. I am having trouble, now, where a few parents who were added then will not properly load now with their younger children. Every time I try to add them, it automatically loads in them from the Scoutbook database (whether I use the member search or just manually add them), and then it does not put their email address in (even if I searched them specifically BY email address, and typed it in new when creating the connection)…so I cannot send them emails. When I pull them up in messaging, it only shows them as parents of their old scout (big brother), even though they are linked as parents on their new scout (little brother) in Scoutbook.

Is there a way to get their profile in correctly so they receive messages? Neither one logs into Scoutbook themselves, do I need to sit them down and make them do it so it connects properly?


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