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Parent adding children to family hikes/camping

Hi, I am a parent with two kids in Cub scouts. Is there a way to add my second child to the hikes and camping trips I create for the first child? For example, I create a hike that we all went on for the one child, but I can’t see where to add the other scout to the trip.
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Hi, @KevinCole1,

If your unit leadership had created a “group” event, then you should be able to add each of your scouts to that event. However, I’m not aware of any way to “duplicate” an individual event for multiple scouts, even within the same family.

Sorry - let me clarify.
I am not a unit leader, but I take my kids on a monthly camping trip, a monthly trail clean-up, and weekly hikes. I want to avoid writing these activities twice in the activities logs if possible. (or to put both kids in at the same time when I am creating the log entry)

Yep, I saw that. I was just trying to say that, as far as I know, there isn’t an easy way to do that, barring having the unit leader create it as a “group” event. The software seems to contemplate “individual”
as a single individual, and anything else as “group”. “Group” events have to be created by a unit leader, and at present by a fairly small subset of the unit leadership. Which leaders can create “group” events is supposedly being expanded, but as far as I know only to other unit leaders, not to parents of scouts.

If I were trying to minimize my keyboard time on a mobile device, I would probably create the content in a text editor (e.g. Google docs), then copy and paste as much as possible from the event for the “first” child into that text editor. Then, copy the information from the text editor to the event for the “second” child.

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Thank you - Appreciate the info.

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