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And anyone else following. I removed my Den Admin permissions (by accident) and reinstated them. This did not reset my permissions with the ability to track parent attendance. It is still not functioning.

As I said previously, that’s not functionality that was ever given to den admins. We can put in a request to add it, but we do not know when or if it will be.

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I understand your previous response which speculated that this did not work for Den Admin. The use of the word think multiple times led me to believe that that was your belief.

Additionally, I was advising Donovan that the solution we worked on together, in fact did not work.

If a Den Leader/Admin can create an event for a Den and invite parents (which is kind of required) it should be a feature to also allow the Den Leader/Admin to account for the parent’s attendance, not just the scout. I would appreciate it being a feature request.

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You’re right. I was more certain of it than my wording suggested.

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Same issue - I invite parents to make sure they get the reminder emails, but I am not able to mark their attendance. I want to support adding the functionality. It also tanks my attendance numbers, which may not really matter, but I would like it to at least be accurate.

@TravisStephens @PageGlave Take a look at the brand new internet advancement calendar. It is supposed to have this functionality.


I am not seeing anywhere in Internet Advancement to log any attendance. I can’t even see the list of invitees, just the number. Maybe this is because I created it in SB first or I’m not on the new version yet? I don’t even see the option to edit an event in the calendar.


With that in mind, what should be use, Scoutbook or Internet Advancement. I think I saw where SB was transitioning to IA but I’m not sure if true or other benefits for one over the other.

Same - I eventually got to the calendar.
The IA calendar looks promising, but I’ll probably stick w/Scoutbook for now b/c it looks like there are a fair number of bugs to work out.

In the near future, you won’t have a choice. See the following announcement with links to a help guide

The IA Calendar bugs identified so far should be fixed quickly (the recurring meeting is already fixed.) There are some enhancements being requested, but many of those aren’t in SB calendar either. In the long run, I think you will be happy with the IA calendar, it is pretty easy to use.

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