Parent connection shows up twice, can't login, can't edit profile

We’re in Council 138, Pack 3073 (182444). Scout’s parent was never able to login with original invitation. Every time we resent the invitation, following the instructions failed. Scout ID = 10263418.
I think the adult ID is 10263420. Another account was attempted later with ID 10351181.

When I as COR try to edit either profile I get either “personGuid” must be a valid GUID or there is no member ID showing in his profile page. He is a registered adult and now a leader in our Pack so we would appreciate getting him a working login one way or another.

This adult’s BSA member number is 136444305. However, he does not appear to be registered as an adult leader, yet.

I have merged his Scoutbook accounts, so everything should be fixed now. His training should merge overnight.

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