Parent connection unable to get first email notification

I have a parent that isn’t receiving the initial email notification to complete their Scoutbook account setup. It’s not going to junk/spam, it just isn’t getting there. The parent is a web developer so definitely tech-savvy enough to be able to find an email if it was getting spammed. He’s using gmail if that matters.

Is there a standard default password that he can use to log in and complete the setup process?

Or some way to bypass the email notification?

Try sending him and yourself a message through Scoutbook with bcc turned off. Does he get it? If not, do you see his email address in the To line in the message you received?

Edit: He actually did receive the message I send him through Scoutbook.

So he is able to get emails from SB, he’s just not getting that one initial account setup email.

Have them check the tabs across the top in Gmail. Sometimes it dumps in their.

What’s his bsa member number?

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