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Parent has 2 sons in troop, connected to one without problem, issues with connecting to second

I have a parent who connected without issue to her first son, but when she clicks on the link to connect to her 2nd son’s account it says that she needs his code to connect with him. I can’t find anywhere in the app to just give her a code.

When I look at the list of parents, for example when sending emails, she is listed with 2 entries. One connected to son #1, and then a separate one that shows “pending” with son #2. Email and all other info is the same, and a second entry was not initiated for her by us… it seems to be a system generated second entry.

Further, I can’t find anywhere to try to delete the extra entry in case that is the issue.

How can I get the code it is requesting so that she can connect? Or how can I get force it to allow her to connect to 2 sons instead of just one?

Side note, she mostly needs to connect to just allow her 15 year old scout to get a direct login and input his email so he gets troop emails and can RSVP for things himself. I have not found any way to enter a scout’s email without the parent allowing it, but if we’re making it this hard for a parent to connect to their account, its problematic. Right now this scout is having to send us an email every time he wants to RSVP for something and he can’t interact with the advancement info and logs at all while this is not sorted out.

Can you clarify how you got this list? Did you click the gear icon, and select show parents/guardians? Then, the parent shows under both son’s names? How do you know it’s a separate one?

To check if it is one account or two, check the adult id# in the url of the record.

To find this -

From Administration > Troop xx > Troop Roster (sort by last name to place siblings together and show parents)

Click the adult connected to the first sibling scout > click Edit Profile. Look at the url for AdultUserID= xxxxxx

Repeat for the adult connected to the second sibling scout.


I had the same thing happen in october. Parent record connected to 2 kids with the profile picture she added but could not access the 2nd Scout. They ended up dropping out so I didn’t put in a ticket on it.

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