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Parent in SB turns to leader issues with SB emails now

Hi all -

My wife is linked to our oldest son in SB and has now stepped up to become a Lion leader. With the enrollment through my.scouting.org site it created another account and associated her BSA number with it. I have attempted to change the email address to her actual one and her other account we changed to another old email address so we could have her leader one go to her correct one and keep getting a whooops error… we’ve notified the webmaster but this hasn’t been fixed for weeks now. Trying to get some actual support. You used to be able to open a ticket regarding this but the submit a ticket goes to a 404 page.

As of 1 September, all Scoutbook support requests that can’t be resolved by volunteers here in the discussion groups have to go through your council professionals. BSA nationals is no longer providing direct support to volunteers.

Did she register with a different name (e.g. middle initial instead of middle name, nickname instead of full name) or email address when she submitted her Lion Leader application? Different details like that are generally what causes the duplicate accounts to get by.

Assuming that all of the details of the two accounts other than email (like name, address, DOB, etc) match, my suggestion would be for your wife to go to my.scouting.org, log in with whatever credentials she used to take YPT, and click under Manage Member ID on the left side menu, and add whichever BSA ID to her account that isn’t already there. That should start getting things straightened out, although I would give it at least overnight to sync up with Scoutbook.

How is she logging in to Scoutbook? With her email or her my.scouting credentials? Does she see different interfaces based on logging in each way?

@TrevorStrosnider It looks like she has 2 BSA member numbers and 2 Scoutbook accounts.

Follow @CharleyHamilton’s instructions and add both BSA member numbers there, but designate the one associated with her Den Leader role as “primary”.

After she does that, have her log in to Scoutbook and go to:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> Switch SSO Profile

and set it to the BSA member number that is designated as “primary”.


Is there a lag time needed between the my.scouting update and the Switch SSO Profile?

I am not sure, but she will need her Scoutbook account to point to the correct BSA member number.

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Thanks, however when I attempt to get her other BSA ID entered, I get the following error

Failed to persist membership. Reason: User name is empty

@TrevorStrosnider I sent you a private message to confirm some information.

Thanks, I replied. I got the error on one account; and tracked down her login for the other account from saved user/pass on the computer… thank god… I was able to add other BSA account there, but need to see if they sync now or…

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